The Sun. A climber scrambling up a mountain.


Operation Starlight… about the book cover. It has relevance

   Joe Hunter, paraplegic…

“Vladimir see, Joe have Army-issue NOB, nano-optimum

belt. Activate now. Ten minute for belt change,

two hard piton/knife from buckle and nine-meter rope

to each. We climb now.”

“Will do, Vlad. … Oh shit, here they come. The toids

are moving fast. The grays … are out of my perception.”

“American, we about thirteen meters on assent. You

very strong but never make by self. I cannot support

your lower extremity longer. Most difficult. I go front

you and rope up. You grab any handhold open and

assist I strength.”

“I expert climb. Voyska spetsialnogo naznacheniya,

Russian Special Forces. This mountain easy for I.”

“Vlad, you go. I failed. Go to the top and do the

right thing for the world.”

“Vladimir Alexandrov do right thing. Help American

friend. Summit decide who. Maybe wrestling contest,”

he said laughing, rope in hand, scrambled up another

twenty feet.


The Sun…

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Cape Canaveral Florida

“We are locked on and tracking the target, sir. The

craft left Bristol, Tennessee at hyper-speed and

slowed significantly below its alleged capabilities. The

trajectory, while now too soon to mark, plots a

straight course at our Sun. The large unidentified flying

object left Tennessee and presently trails the

Vimana approximately by two hundred miles.”

“Have you verified with our other stations,


“Yes, Colonel, and they are affirmative, sir. We

checked with China’s Swakopmund, the Southwest

African station and Moscow, reports the same trajectory

and reduced speed. It is almost as if the spacecraft

are waiting for something.”

“Whoa … ”

“What is it, Sergeant?” The operation control officer

moved behind the Sergeant and leaned in to see the

screen better.”

“Moscow reports at least two hundred unidentified

craft stalking the lead vessels. They state more arrive

by the minute. What kind of system does Moscow

have, we don’t?”

“Here we go … Guam’s Dan Dan picked up the

sighting, and … wait a minute. He said they are making

adjustments to their equipment. Okay, they are

back. There are a lot of smaller spaceships trailing

the lead two, Colonel. What do you make of it?”

“I don’t know. I think it’s time to make a few calls to


“Roger that, Colonel. We will punch the button if

something changes sir.”

“Right, Sergeant. … I’ll be back.”

  • · · · ·

One hour later …

Sergeant Ramirez felt a presence.

He glanced over his shoulder and waited for the

Colonel to speak.

The colonel’s breathing was labored, not a good sign.

“You were right in your observation, Sergeant.”

“About what, Colonel?”

“You guessed they may be waiting.”

“For what, sir?”

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